The Pet Industry Association demands exacting standards from our members to ensure the welfare of animals and promote responsible pet ownership.

What we believe

The Pet Industry Association is the only industry association in Australia created to represent all businesses in the pet industry. Formed in 1979 as the PIJAC, we have evolved into a peak organisation which aims to create an environment of best practice principles and ongoing learning for improved technology and systems in the pet industry. The Pet Industry Association is run by members for its members and offers a voice for all who join by liaising with governments, animal welfare agencies, as well as pet and animal groups nationally and internationally. We are represented on government steering committees, consultation and advisory groups on pet ownership and industry issues around Australia.
The Pet Industry Association believes pets are essential for a healthy society, and that those who can responsibly own a pet should have the chance to do so. We believe that the welfare of animals is paramount, and demand exacting standards from our members relating to the care, management and trade in companion animals.
The PIAA National Code of Practice and Code of Ethics are quality standards for the operation of businesses in the pet industry supply chain. The Code sets standards that exceed current regulatory requirements. Compliance with the code is a mandatory requirement for membership of the PIAA. An Ethics and Complaints Committee adjudicates any complaints against activity deemed in contravention of the code.
PIAA is a member of the Australian Companion Animal Council and is represented on and works with Aquatic committees nationally, including OFMJG and the NSW Ornamental Fish Reference Group, Animal Welfare Advisory Committees in QLD, NSW, NT and the ACT, the Domestic Animal Management Implementation Committee in Victoria and the Dog & Cat Management Board in South Australia. We’ve also worked closely with the governments in QLD, NSW and SA on pet shop codes of practice. PIAA also holds a seat on the NSW Government’s Companion Animals Taskforce.

Latest news

Top 5 Essential Cat Safety Tips at Home – Ozzicat

Cats never cease to entertain us with their playfulness. Their being curious by nature often results to a delightful sight. However, their love for exploration may also get them in trouble. So here are some tips to ensure that your cats are always safe and happy at home. Keep Your Cats Indoors When cats are left free to roam outside, they are exposed to several kinds of dangers: cars, other animals, poisonous chemicals, diseases, and even people who find pleasure in torturing animals. Indoor cats live longer. And even if your cat is street savvy, keeping them outdoors puts them at risk of getting lost or stolen. Cat-Proof Your House Your house itself can pose several dangers to your cat, but there are ways to minimize, if not prevent, injuries from happening. Make sure that there are no heavy items that easily fall, especially that cats are good at jumping and climbing. Keep your pet away from any equipment that is potentially injurious. Cats are easily attracted to moving objects, like your washer for instance. Be careful with the plants you have in your home. Cats love to munch on plants, so do your research to know which plants are poisonous when swallowed or what are those that may cause irritation, diarrhea, vomiting, and the like. Store away your cleaning products and medications. Your furry friend loves to lick or chew just anything, and cleaning products and medications may have ingredients that can lead to detrimental consequences. Unplug electrical cords when not in use. You may also consider using cord protectors for additional coating. If your cat is a... read more

Another Day at the Offleash Dog Park – Written by Australian Dog Lover

    There is mum, three kids and their exuberant 6-month old Labrador. He is jumping in everyone’s face while mum shouts: he is friendly and just wants to play. The other dogs try to run but there is no escape. The local dog trainer is there with yet another dog - scared of other dogs, trying to increase distance and avoid the other dogs. But he cannot escape because he is on a leash. The trainer explains that he ‘needs to get used to it’. The dog is showing a lot of stress signs but no one takes note, then he lunges, gets yelled at and jerked on the leash. The owner looking rather confused. Hipster is on the phone and his French Bulldog trying to hump a Great Dane. Everyone laughs and thinks it very funny. The Bulldog loves the attention and keeps going. The Jack Russell has disappeared into the bushes, her owner yelling ‘come’ over and over again, but to no avail. I will make no secret; I am not a big fan of off leash areas. In my experience only about 20 % of dogs are enjoying the experience, 30 % will cope and do their own thing as long as the other dogs leave them alone but 50 % of the dogs in the park are saying loud and clearly: “get me out of here” – this is no fun! The dog park is a relatively new concept, California introduced the first one in 1979, Switzerland in 2012 and Australia has had them for about 20 years now. However, these days it seems... read more

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Dog Groomer wanted – Belmont Avenue Vet Hospital – WA

Dog groomer wanted!! We are currently looking for a part-time dog groomer at Belmont Avenue Vet Hospital WA. Applicants must be experienced and capable of grooming a minimum of 6 dogs per day. Call 0411069622/08 9277 4966 for further information or email resume to... read more

Grooming Position in Elwood Victoria

Whoopsy’s in Elwood Victoria are seeking an experienced dog groomer.  The position will involve retail sales and Saturday work (on alternating weeks). Please forward application and include your resume to read more

Ex-Display Fish Tanks for Sale in Eastern Sydney

The Pet Shop Eastgardens has some Retail display fish tanks for sale that were removed from the previous fit-out. There are 7 bays available, please make an offer on one or all. Pick up from Eastern Suburbs of Sydney Contact Troy - 0414 927 517... read more

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