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Monday August 8, 2016

Buyer Beware - Online Pet Minding Services Fraught with Danger

There has been a recent influx of new online pet businesses offering to connect consumers with a network of, in effect, backyard boarding /pet minding businesses.

This is a practice that is fraught with danger on so many levels. The PIAA receives calls regularly from consumers who have in good faith left their beloved dog at a relative stranger’s home and the unthinkable has happened, their dog has escaped and met a sad end.

The PIAA does not support the operation of Pet minding/In home pet boarding/Backyard boarding businesses as these operations are typically not licensed, registered or insured and are often run by people without any formal qualifications, bringing about concerns with animal welfare and potential environmental issues.

Further information can be obtained on the attached PIAA position statement for pet minding back yard boarding 250116.

To schedule an interview or for further information please contact:

Blake De Bruin

Boarding Director – Pet Industry Association of Australia

T: 02 9659 5811

E: info@piaa.net.au



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