PIAA has formed an Aquatic Pet Advisory Committee (APAC). The committee’s purpose is to provide objective advice, insights and/or recommendations to the PIAA board on matters pertaining to the aquatic industry in Australia. The inaugural APAC members are: Gareth Barber of Pure Aquatics (NSW), Gem Swan of Aquahub (QLD), Graeme Faulkner of AquaDepot (WA) and Stephen Mildern of Nature Aquarium (VIC)

One of the responsibilities of APAC is to identify a set of industry priorities that PIAA can focus on addressing. These priorities are to be grouped into one of four themes. Each theme is to be assigned an APAC member to act as the lead in collating priorities to be discussed at formal APAC meetings.   APAC’s themes and the respective APAC member lead are as follows: –

  • Theme 1: Unite the aquatic industry – Graeme Faulkner
  • Theme 2: Educate pet owners* - Gem Swan
  • Theme 3: Improve the welfare the pets – Gareth Barber
  • Theme 4: Grow the size of the industry – Stephen Mildern

We welcome all PIAA members to provide any priorities they might have for the aquatic pet industry by filling in the attached priority request form and submitting it via email.



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