About the Pet Industry Association of Australia (PIAA)

Promoting responsible pet ownership

Established in 1979, the Pet Industry Association remains the ONLY trade-only Association within Australia, dedicated to the protection of the pet industry, and promoting responsible pet ownership.

The pet industry is very heavily regulated by Government Agencies at federal, state and local levels. There are also many animal welfare and animal rights groups within the community that want to influence or prevent us doing legitimate business. It is becoming more important that the operators within the Australian Pet Industry take greater control of their own destiny. As such, the Pet Industry Association regularly makes formal submissions on pet industry issues at the request of Government agencies and industry regulators.

Membership structure

There are numerous categories within PIAA membership, including RETAIL, BREEDING,  GROOMING, BOARDING/DOGGY DAY CARE/ DOG TRAINING/PET SITTING, PET SERVICES, SUPPLIERS & MANUFACTURERS, ASOCIATES and STUDENTS. There are various levels of membership and fees based on a sliding scale that ensures that full membership of the Pet Industry Association remains affordable for even the smallest of business operators. Find out more about becoming a member

Each category has honorary directors voted in by the members for a three-year tenure. The Pet Industry Association also has a team of state/territory coordinators who also assist Pet Industry Association on a voluntary basis. All members have direct access to all office-bearers as well as staff of the Pet Industry Association.

A voice for the pet industry

The main benefit of Pet Industry Association membership is the ability of an individual business operator to network with their peers and also be able to make a comment through a “Peak Industry Body” to almost any regulator of the industry – and be heard!

Code of Practice

Pet Industry Association members have a National Code of Practice that was produced by members for the sole purpose of “self regulation” at the highest workable level. This Code has been very well accepted by Government and its standards exceed our regulators’ requirements. PIAA also has sector specific Standards & Guidelines.

Accreditation Scheme

The endorsement of educating pet industry operators and their staff via industry specific training and the acknowledgement/accreditation of members that exceed the National Code of Practice has been the major focus of the association for some time. The Pet Industry Association Accreditation scheme is in place for members to gain national recognition of their high standards.


To support our members while being the recognised and respected voice of the pet industry.

PIAA Board of Directors

Aquatics & Pet Services - Dr Robert Jones (President) - The Aquarium Vet

Dr Rob Jones B.V.Sc. (Hons), MACVSc. (Aquatic Animal Health), M.Aquaculture

At the age of twelve I decided that I wanted to work with animals and become a Vet so I became very focused on my goal and studied. I graduated with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science (Honours) from Melbourne University in 1977. After working for one year in Melbourne and then a second in a country practice, I returned to Melbourne late in 1979 to the Dandenong Veterinary Hospital where I worked for thirty-two years and over this time saw an increasing case load of fish, reptiles and birds.

Having always had an interest in fish, I decided to follow it as a career by commencing in 1999 a part-time Masters in Aquaculture at Deakin University, Warrnambool. I completed it in 2004. In March 2003 I attended the Advanced Fish Medicine course at the University of Florida, USA. In June / July 2008 I sat and passed the examinations for Aquatic Animal Health for the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists (at this stage the highest level of specialized examinations for fish anywhere in the world). I am also an AQIS-accredited veterinarian for the preparation and inspection of companion animals for export.

Commencing with the Melbourne Aquarium in September 1999, I now spend many hours working with fish and are one of the few veterinarians in the world who regularly performs ultrasound examinations on sharks. I was a key member of the team that performed the first Artificial Insemination on a shark in the world in July 2005. I have also been involved in the air transport of sharks to Japan and maintain regular contact with veterinarians at other aquaria around the world, including visits and providing advice. Some would say I specialise in sharks. Depends on to whom I am speaking with as to what description I use but shark wrestler always gets a laugh.

I am also the consultant veterinarian to Aquarium Industries, the largest importer of ornamental fish into Australia. I have assisted in writing several government documents as part of the Australian AquaVetPlan program which relates to disease preparedness for aquatic animal diseases. I have been involved in the Aquatic Animal sector for the Australian Animal Welfare Strategy.

I was married for 23 years until 2000 and during this time had 6 wonderful children. I married again in December 2004 to a beautiful woman who had 3 children from her previous marriage. We currently have 3 lovely granddaughters who we have a lot of fun with, and a grandson appropriately named Reef Jones.

We live a complicated, busy, interesting and fruitful life and are very thankful for what we have.

National - Sean Duggan - Masterpet

Graduating as a Veterinarian and owning mixed practices in Central West NSW, Sean has a unique insider’s view on the importance of trusted advice in helping people care for their pets, as well as a clinician’s perspective within vet practices. A growing interest in people leadership and business led him into an extended period leading pet care brands across technical services, sales and marketing within some of the great pet related multinationals including The Iams Company, P&G Pet Care and Mars Pet Care.

Seeking a role where he could have a more direct influence on how people care for their pets, Sean moved to Masterpet where he has spent the last 15 years.  His current role as Chief Executive Officer of the Animal Care business, now within EBOS, includes responsibility for Masterpet, Lyppard, Animates and Aristopet.  The business spans multiple sectors of the pet care industry across Australia and New Zealand including pharmaceutical manufacturing, pet retail, grooming services, veterinary practices and veterinary wholesaling, as well as significant consumer brands sold through pet specialty, grocery and mass channels.

The ability to build and shape a business that plays such an important role in helping people better care for pets is viewed as a great opportunity by Sean. This creates a strong sense of meaning and purpose within the Animal Care teams; whether they are supporting vets help sick animals through Lyppard or helping pet owners make the right choices through brands such as Black Hawk and Vitapet.  It all taps into the Animal Care teams’ passion and knowledge of pets and their drive to help people better care for their pets.

Retail - John Grima - Kellyville Pets

John Grima is the owner of Kellyville Pets located North West Sydney, which is one of Australia’s largest independent pet stores. The business commenced in 1983 as a small weekend pet shop selling birds and aquarium fish on his parent’s farm. His fascination and the welfare of all animals included companion pet’s right from the early days of the business. Growing up on a farm and breeding various pets, he saw directly the importance pets play in people’s lives. He strongly believes (and is backed up with scientific evidence) that people who love and care for pets become socially better human beings and also much healthier ones.

Kellyville Pets has been a member of PIAA (PIJAC in the old days) since about 1990. John believes that the industry needs a voice to protect the right to be able to continue to keeps pets, but just as importantly, to continually improve animal welfare standards. With over 30 years in the retail trade, John has seen many positive changes in the industry. He believes there has been improvement both in animal welfare and business standards, however John also believes there is still room for positive changes in both these aspects.

John decided to join the PIAA board in 2015 because he felt he could contribute to the industry with respect to helping other retailers innovate and to evolve industry standards to provide better outcomes for animal welfare at the same time. He wants to build more currency into being a member of PIAA by having a much higher standard than the minimum required standards within each state especially around the trading, sourcing and breeding of animals.

Suppliers & Manufacturers - Josiah Pit (Vice President) - Aquarium Industries

Josiah Pitt has been with Aquarium Industries for 9 years and has oversight of the company’s fish care, despatch and purchasing divisions. He holds a PhD in marine biology and is highly regarded in the industry, often speaking at seminars both national and international. Josiah consults with numerous Government departments and advisory boards with regards ornamental fish health, biosecurity and general industry issues. Prior to AI Josiah was Hatchery manager at Arafura Pearls and Lectured at both NMIT and James Cook Uni. Josiah is passionate about aquatic life and has spent time at Jean-Michael Cousteau’s Fiji Resort as a Marine Biologist. Josiah also enjoys logistics and the challenges faced by transporting live fish nationwide.

Boarding, Training, Daycare & Pet Sitters - Glenn Cooke - Pet Resorts of Australia

Glenn Cooke has over 25 years of professional and practical experience in both Training canines for various applications and Boarding for pet dogs and cats.

He was formally the training director for Australian Dog Training in Melbourne which during its time was the largest professional dog training centre in Australia.

He ran his own company for several years in Melbourne called Master Dog Training which specialised in boarding, training and behavioural management for problem dogs. He was also the training Director for the Rottweiler Club of Victoria for a period of 5 years.

Currently Glenn is General Manager for Pet Resorts Australia and senior training coordinator for the NDTF in NSW.

Breeding working line German Shepherds and Rottweilers and learning more in behaviour sciences and the pet industry is Glenn’s passion. He and his wife have 4 dogs, 1 cat and live onsite at a boarding facility in Dural which they love.

Grooming - Marianne Suckling - Mojos Grooming Shed

Marianne Suckling commenced her professional grooming career in 2004. After spending some years working in salons in SA she made the decision to open her own salon, Mojo’s Grooming Shed in 2011.

Education has always been important to Marianne who holds a Certificate II in Laboratory Techniques, Certificate III in Companion Animal Services, Certificate III in Pet Grooming and Certificate IV TAE. She also holds a Certificate for Child Safe Environments and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect.

In addition to caring for her growing family and running her own grooming business, which specialises in longer custom clipping and hand scissoring, difficult and elderly dogs and breed specific clips, Marianne also lectures at TAFE SA in for the Certificate III in Companion Animal Services course.

Marianne loves competing in grooming competitions and has a menagerie of creatures at home, including her Shih Tzu Mojo, 2 cats, 4 chickens and 3 guinea pigs!

Breeding - Matt Hams - Banksia Park Puppies

Matt Hams is the owner and manager of Banksia Park Puppies. Matt has been in the industry since he was born and grew up surrounded by dogs at his family’s kennels and in their many pet shops. He manages his kennels on a 200-acre property in Gippsland Victoria. Matt’s Grandmother, his parents and his wife and their two children all live on the property and are actively involved in the family run business. Matt is currently studying a certificate course in dog psychology and is also in his final year of a Bachelor of Business Degree. Matt worked extensively with the former Liberal Government department the DEPI on the drafting and creation of the toughest Code of Practice for the Operation of Breeding and Rearing Establishments in the world which was enacted in Victoria in 2014. Matt continues to lobby the current Labor Government in Victoria for sensible policy reforms that will place animal welfare at the heart of any legislative changes.

PIAA Staff

CEO - Mark Fraser

Events Manager - Linda Chamarette

Membership & Administration Officer - Kathy Horner



The Pet Industry Association stages a world class “trade only” PetExpo which showcases new products and services to the industry. All Pet Industry Association members, staff and family gain free admission. PetExpo is the premier event for the Australian pet industry.

About PetExpo

PIAA Awards

Each year the membership is asked to consider members in their sector who may be worthy of nomination for an award of excellence. Members can self-nominate if they wish.


Categories are:

  • PIAA Pioneer Award – The Pioneer Award is Awarded for 20 plus years’ association (with a high level of achievement) within the Australian Pet Industry, whilst retaining an active role.
  • Kevin Parkes Perpetual Achievement Award – The Kevin Pakes Perpetual Achievement is awarded in recognition of service to and achievement in the Australian Pet Industry over the past 12 months.
  • PIAA Retailer of Excellence Award – Awarded in recognition of outstanding retail performance within the industry.
  • PIAA Boarder/Doggy Day Carer/Pet Sitter of Excellence Award – Awarded in recognition of outstanding boarding/doggy day care or Pet sitting performance within the industry.
  • PIAA Dog Trainer of Excellence Award – Awarded in recognition of outstanding Dog Training performance within the industry.
  • PIAA Breeder of Excellence Award – Awarded in recognition of outstanding breeding performance within the industry.
  • PIAA Groomer of Excellence Award – Awarded in recognition of outstanding grooming performance within the industry.
  • PIAA Pet Services of Excellence Award – Awarded in recognition of outstanding pet service performance within the industry.
  • PIAA Manufacturer/Supplier of Excellence Award – Awarded in recognition of outstanding manufacturing or supplying performance within the industry.
  • PIAA Education Achievement Award - will be awarded based on attainment in the PIAA Ed points scheme for the past year.

PIAA Awards member nomination form

All nominations are to be sent to PIAA office by COB Wednesday August 31.

Stage 1. These awards follow a nomination process (self or other). Nominations to be accompanied by an overview of achievements.

Stage 2. Nominee to accept nomination and provide answers to sector-relevant questionnaire. Points assigned to answers. Nominees are short listed for stage 3.

Stage 3. Nominees to write a short paper on their achievements and outline why they deserve to be considered for the award. Points awarded. Winner decided by highest point achievement.

Stage 4. Awards presented at 2016 PIAA Expo Conference Awards ceremony.

Other PIAA events

Additionally, the Pet Industry Association runs state and category specific events such as AusGroom and AusBoard. These events are focused at building your business. They are the best opportunity to network with fellow pet industry operators.

See events calendar

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All Pet Industry Association members support and comply with the National Code of Practice.


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