Use of formaldehyde in aquaculture - compliance with permit conditions.

Parafarm hold a permit to enable the use of formaldehyde in aquaculture.  The permit is held with the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA).  The APVMA has sent a letter to Parafarm, and expressed great concern of how formaldehyde is being used in compliance with the Minor Use Permit issued by them.  This letter (see below link) contains information on how to ensure your industry groups or members complies with the MUP.

In short, this requires completion of accreditation with Parafarm - there is no cost.

Veterinary supervision of the use of formaldehyde appears to also require upgrading.  Parafarm has also been communicating with industry veterinarians.

If the APVMA requests a listing of Parafarm accreditied members, this will be supplied.  Parafarm has tried to make accreditation as simple as possible.  If you are using formaldehyde and your name is not on the list (see below link) which means Parafarm has not accredited you formally, then the APVMA may take legal action against you.

Please click here to view the original letter from the APVMA explaining their reasons for their contact.  There is also simple detail on how accreditation is obtained.

If you have any questions, please contact Grant Richards from Allfarm Animal Health on 03 5979 4488



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