Euthanasia is an unpleasant but sometimes necessary aspect of all animal healthcare and aquarium management is no exception.

The Aquarium Vet, under the direction of the Pet Industry Association of Australia (PIAA), has been contracted by the DAFF to undertake a review of Humane Euthanasia Techniques for Ornamental Fish.

Currently there is a lack of readily available information in Australia on humane euthanasia techniques for ‘sick’ ornamental fish for their owners. The aim was to identify a variety of techniques and practical methods to euthanize ornamental fish that are, or could be, made available to the owners of such fish and that improve animal welfare for the fish being euthanized. In the context of this document, owners are either, (1) people working in retail pet and/or aquarium shops, or (2) the actual pet fish owner.

The document can be accessed for download HERE:


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