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PIAA membership prospectusWhether you’re a retailer, supplier, boarder/trainer/day care/pet sitter, groomer, supplier/manufacturer, companion animal breeder, student or provider of other services to the pet industry, join the Pet Industry Association of Australia (PIAA) now to have your say on the future of your industry and secure a positive future for your business.

The Pet Industry Association is the nationally-recognised peak industry body that gets issues resolved.

Australia’s $8.5 billion pet industry is under increasing scrutiny from government and from interest groups that want to prevent operators from conducting legitimate business. The Pet Industry Association aims to guide the pet industry in self-regulation: to research, debate and determine our own standards, rather than have unworkable standards imposed by government. By acting together and working to high standards, we aim to ensure that pet industry business owners are masters of their own destiny – creating their own future.

Member categories
When you join, sign up under one of our membership categories: Retail, Grooming, Aquatics & Pet Services, Companion Animal Breeders, Suppliers & Manufacturers, Boarding/ Training/ Day Care/ Pet Sitters, Student, New to Business or Associate (Non business groups and Associations welcome).
Membership fees

Based on a sliding scale, PIAA membership fees are structured so membership is affordable for even the smallest of business operators, plus a subsidised rate for student membership. Please note that as of 1 January 2016, PIAA will be moving to an annual renewal date of 30 June each year for ALL members. This will not only streamline our membership process, making it easier to remember your membership fee due date, but also help those who receive a tax offset benefit for membership fees. Therefore, to align all members with this date, we have pro-rated the annual membership fee through to 30 June 2016, at which point you will be emailed with your annual PIAA membership invoice to take you through until 30 June 2017.

What you’ll pay…

Student membership $45.00
New Business $150.00
1 - 3 employees $310.00
4-10 employees $600.00
11-19 employees $1,000.00
20-40 employees $1,500.00
Associate $310.00
40+ employees –

Executive membership options:

Bronze $2,500.00

Silver $3,800.00

Gold $5,000.00

Platinum $9,000.00

All prices include GST.



Classes of membership

Professional Membership

Professional membership is open to any business in the pet industry. This is the most common membership category, suitable for most pet industry businesses including sole traders and single-operation businesses.

Student Membership

Student membership is open to any person studying a pet related subject. Membership in this category is valid for 12 months and is reliant on supply of a valid student number. Those members who own a business or work full time (even if you are undertaking study part-time) are not eligible for the discounted student membership.

New Business Membership

New Business membership is conditional and will only be offered to those members who have held a student membership and are opening their first business, it will not be available to those working in an existing salon as an employee. This membership type will be able to be held for 12 months, at which time we hope you’ll continue to support PIAA and move to a full membership.

Associate Membership

Associate membership is open to any person who has an interest in the pet industry who is not currently a business owner.

Executive Membership

A premium membership offering, Executive Membership is available at Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum levels and provides additional exclusive marketing and networking benefits. Among those are access to PIAA executives on key industry issues, prominence on the home page, exclusive exhibition space and sponsorship offers at PIAA events, advertising / editorial in industry trade media, additional free business memberships (determined by level of membership) and opportunities to host industry forums or meetings.

  • Expo trade space priority
  • 1 x annual meeting with the PIAA CEO
  • 1 x newsletter advertorial
  • Use of PIAA logo identifying business as a bronze member.
  • Expo trade space priority
  • 2 x annual meetings with PIAA CEO
  • 2 x newsletter advertorials
  • Use of PIAA logo identifying business as a silver member.
  • GOLD:
  • Expo trade space priority
  • 2 x VIP tickets for the Pet Expo Gala Dinner,
  • 2 x meetings annually with PIAA CEO
  • 3 x newsletter advertorials
  • Logo placement and link on the front page of the PIAA website
  • Use of PIAA logo identifying business as a gold member.
  • Expo trade space priority
  • 2 x VIP tickets for the Pet Expo Gala Dinner
  • 2 x meetings annually with PIAA CEO
  • 6 x newsletter advertorials
  • Logo placement and link on the front page of the PIAA website
  • Use of PIAA logo identifying business as a platinum member
  • First option on all sponsorship and partnership opportunities.
Conditions of membership

A condition of membership to the Pet Industry Association is compliance to the Pet Industry Association National Code of Practice.


The Association has also developed the PIAA Dogs’ Lifetime Traceability and Rehoming Policy, in response to community concerns about unwanted pets and puppy farms and re-establishes the legitimacy of pet retail stores as a vital link in responsible pet ownership. It is a requirement for all RETAIL member stores who sell puppies to sign up for the Program when they apply to join the Association.




Apply online now

Once you are satisfied that your business complies to the PIAA National Code of Practice and sector specific PIAA Standards & Guidelines, you are ready to apply for membership. For any queries, contact the PIAA office.

Prefer to apply by post, fax or send a scanned copy?

Download the Membership Application Form and post it to the address on the form, send via fax or scan a copy to


Pet Industry News - Advertising Opportunities

Pet Industry News is Australia and News Zealand’s only pet trade magazine. Published four times a year, around 4000 copies are sent, free of charge to every pet related business in our region including pet shops, aquariums, kennels, groomers and wholesalers. As a PIAA member, you can access special advertising and editorial rates. Simply click HERE for more information.

Tassistance groupax and Legal Advice

PIAA members can receive free tax and legal advice.  As part of our Member Benefits scheme, The Assistance Company will provide free advice to members nationally.  is a well established and specialised agency that can offer both personal and business related advice. Members can access through for legal advice and You will need to enter your membership number.



PIAA members have access to limited offers, exclusive deals and support from The Commonwealth Bank. As a PIAA member you will have access to vehicle & equipment finance, business overdraft, business loan, market rate loan, business line of credit (conditions apply).


Discount Education through TAFE

PIAA members will receive a 10% discount on a selection of ‘short courses’ through TAFE Richmond.



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