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The elite group in the Australian pet industry

Pet Industry Association Accredited Members are an elite group within the Australian pet industry.


All Pet Industry Association Accredited Members take great pride in maintaining this high  standard.

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What can Accreditation offer your business?

  • Greater customer confidence and satisfaction, which leads to repeat business.
  • The ability to assure customers of the continued quality of services provided
  • Documentation of formal operational and management procedures which can add value and direction to your business and staff
  • Improvement in profitability through the implementation of better operating systems.
  • Encourages operators to identify strengths and weaknesses of their business.
  • Pride in the business.
  • Improved staff relationships
  • Reduced complaints.

The PIAA Accreditation Program is currently under review with the aim of providing an even higher level of accreditation. If you are interested in pursuing accreditation please contact the office on  02 9659 5811.

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