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Finding Dory

Keeping Marine Fish Keeping fish has recently been proven to result in improved health benefits, but it’s important to do your research and get good advice before setting up an aquarium. Keeping marine fish is a lot easier than it was 5-10 years ago, however a marine fish tank typically requires greater experience and is more costly to set up and maintain than a freshwater equivalent. As such, if you are new to the hobby we encourage you start with a freshwater tank. If you have kept fish before and are setting up a marine tank for the first time, we suggest starting with an easy to keep marine fish such as clownfish  which are quite hardy. Getting Started With Marine Fish Keeping The release of Disney Pixar’s Finding Nemo in 2010 sparked a significant influx of people wanting to keep marine fish, and in particular clownfish as this was the main character of the movie. Will Finding Dory have the same effect on people wanting to keep blue tangs? Blue tangs (Paracanthurus hepatus) which are the main character to Disney Pixar’s sequel movie have also become popular since the release of Finding Nemo, but tangs are not a fish for those new to the hobby. Tangs require a large tank as they need lots of space to move around and are best suited to an intermediate fish keeper. There is currently no commercial breeding of blue tangs. However, a recent break-through in the production of the Yellow Tang (Zebrasoma flavescens), suggests that there will be captive bred blue tangs swimming in our aquariums very soon. A large proportion of... read more

Biodiversity Conservation Bill

The draft Biodiversity Conservation Bill (draft Bill) and supporting products were released on 3 May 2016 for an eight week public consultation period. One of the purposes of the draft Bill is to replace the wildlife provisions currently contained in the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 (NPW Act) with a new, risk based framework for managing wildlife activities. Under this approach, it is anticipated that some low risk activities may be exempt from licences, codes of practice may be developed for medium risk activities, and high risk activities will continue to be licensed or prohibited. The release of the draft Bill is an opportunity to comment on broad issues such as the risks associated with the various wildlife activities and how these may be best managed. We encourage you and your members to comment on the draft Bill during the consultation period, which closes on 28 June 2016. Information on how to comment on the draft Bill is available at NPWS realises that to successfully shift the current licensing system toward a risk-based approach will take time and that changes will need to be developed and introduced carefully. We emphasise that until any revised regulations are finalised, existing arrangements and rules for wildlife activities will continue and are enforceable. Over a period of up to two years, NPWS intends to consult with key stakeholders to revise the rules and standards applying to wildlife activities in order to align with the risk based framework outlined in the draft Biodiversity Conservation... read more

NSW Pet Registration goes DIY and Digital

From July 2016, breeders and pet owners will be able to go to to register, pay, update their own details, and transfer pets to new owners. Already microchipped? Kittens and puppies in NSW must be microchipped and placed on the NSW Pet Registry by the time they reach 12 weeks of age, or prior to sale if that is earlier. New pets should already be on the register under the previous owner or breeder’s name and profile. The owner or breeder can transfer the pet on the registry to the new owner’s contact number or email address. Not microchipped? If a pet is not microchipped, a local vet can do it. The vet will microchip it, and add the number to the NSW Pet Registry . With the microchip number, new owners will then log in to and locate their animal using the microchip number and their contact details. Owners can then create a profile, and connect themselves fully to their pet so that in the event it is lost or injured owners can be notified. Once an owner has an online profile they can update their contact details themselves. Owners can also pay registration fees online, which are due by the time a pet is 6 months old. Owners without computers can use a form to register their pet. These are available from local council. Desexing De-sexed pets will attract a greatly reduced registration fee. From 4 July 2016 a reduced registration fee will be available to owners who de-sex their cat before four months of age. A reduced fee applies if dogs are de-sexed before... read more

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Dog Groomer wanted – Belmont Avenue Vet Hospital – WA

Dog groomer wanted!! We are currently looking for a part-time dog groomer at Belmont Avenue Vet Hospital WA. Applicants must be experienced and capable of grooming a minimum of 6 dogs per day. Call 0411069622/08 9277 4966 for further information or email resume to... read more

Part-time/ Casual Teacher Dog Grooming

Part-time Casual Teacher Dog Grooming Location/s: Richmond Western Sydney Institute of Tafe As a minimum teaching qualification Teacher must hold the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110). Dog Grooming Qualification or significant industry experience. Well rounded grooming experience preferably in both salon grooming and mobile grooming Minimum 3 years current and relevant grooming industry experience Demonstrated commitment to maintaining professional currency and continuing education in the grooming sector High level written and verbal communication skills in English. Commitment and ability to facilitate learning in an adult environment. Demonstrated commitment to quality customer service. Demonstrated commitment to maintaining professional currency. Demonstrated ability to contribute to a team environment.    CONTACT: Christine Sercombe              Telephone: (02) 4570... read more

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