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Pet Dating – Coming soon to PETBARN

13th February 2016 11:00am - 03:00pm The Pet Foundation is committed to helping match wonderful adoptable pets with loving families. Together with Petbarn and our shelter partners, The Pet Foundation helps find forever homes for thousands of dogs, cats, rabbits and other animals every day through our adoption centres in store. With romance set to bloom this Valentine’s Day, The Pet Foundation together with Petbarn invites you to our National Pet Dating Day where you could meet your purrrr-fect pet match. Petbarn stores* across the country will play cupid and host pet dating on Saturday 13th February, 2016. Potential pet parents can choose to go on a mini-date with a number of cuddly animals, ranging from playful kittens to senior cats, puppies, dogs or even rabbits. Animals available for adoption will vary from store to store, however there is no shortage of loving animals looking for a forever home. CLICK HERE to find out what adoption pets are available at your local... read more

7 Steps for coping with Professional Isolation

By Cherrie Buisson Every single one of us has bad moments. We all have doubts. We all feel insecure today about something that didn’t bother us before. We all have fear lurking, waiting to pounce on us when we are weak. And somewhere, deep down, we all wonder, “am I the only one”? There are so few of us who are alone in our troubles. Unfortunately, we often suffer alone. When I talk to my colleagues about an issue in the industry, I often hear “I thought it was just me”. When I’m part of a discussion where someone talks about overthinking a problem or working up scenarios in their mind, I’m always a little surprised that this isn’t a quirk that is solely mine. Remember in college when they told us be sure to ask questions because there were likely several other people with the same question who were afraid to speak up? It’s like that. Here are a few simple ways to feel less isolated as an industry professional: Assume you are not alone: I’ll grant you that there are people out there who are the only ones suffering from a certain problem. The odds of that person being you are next to nothing. If you look hard enough, you’ll find that someone somewhere is right there with you. Most of the time, you don’t have to look hard at all. Go out on a limb: If you feel you can, bring your issue up with colleagues you trust. Even if they’ve never experienced the same thing, they will likely show their support, and you will still not... read more

Scammer Alert

SCAMMER ALERT Members beware of current elaborate email scam from a supposed hearing impaired person. Some members have received the below (or similar - the story/names changes each time) from a supposed hearing impaired potential client. Please note that this is a SCAM. Do not reply or engage in any services with them. Dear X I have informed the removalist,They will be coming with the keys to my house on Wednesday 3rd of Feb by 11am,so i have arranged with them that day. They will bring Buddy along with the vaccination certificate and other documents. what is your address? Male Cat named Buddy, Desexed, 8months old, Very friendly and healthy, Colour brown, he would stay 17 days, Contact- David Relocations/ phone no- 0388205278 Also I would be grateful if you can render me a favor,because i have not paid the removalist bringing in my belongings due to the fact that they do not have credit card facilities for payment and due to my present condition beyond my reasonable control,it wont be convenient for me to pay via other methods that is why i really need you to assist me. I would like you to charge $4000.00 on my credit card today,then you can take out $1000.00 as an advance and have the $3000.00 sent to the Removalist for them to be able to move properties to my house and bring buddy to you asap. They have mentioned they will be needing funds to handle logistics so the removalist making it to you by Tuesday is determined by how soon funds get to them I so much wish to pay them directly... read more

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Dog Groomer wanted – Belmont Avenue Vet Hospital – WA

Dog groomer wanted!! We are currently looking for a part-time dog groomer at Belmont Avenue Vet Hospital WA. Applicants must be experienced and capable of grooming a minimum of 6 dogs per day. Call 0411069622/08 9277 4966 for further information or email resume to... read more

Administration & Accounts Role – Petway Petcare

Petway Petcare, based on the Gold Coast, is seeking an experienced person to fill an Administration and Accounts role. The position is full time and requires an applicant with Pet Industry experience as well as a minimum of 5 years experience in a similar administrative role.  This position requires excellent administration skills including expert knowledge of Microsoft Office as well as MYOB accounting experience. You will be the first contact for our customers so this person also needs to be well spoken, have a positive attitude and want to work in a rapidly growing family business. Please submit your CV to Tania Taylor on Applications close Wednesday 2 December... read more

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