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New Australian doco is a dog lover’s delight

Do our dogs really love us? Are they our slaves or are we theirs? These are just some of the questions raised by award-winning filmmaker Gillian Leahy in her newest documentary, BAXTER AND ME.  As searching and thought provoking as a dog’s soulful gaze, the film will...

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Queensland Dog Breeder Register

Whether you make a living breeding, selling or caring for dogs, or your family pet has unplanned pups that need good homes, chances are you’re passionate about your animals. While most of us put our furry friends first, a small number of unethical dog breeders are...

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International Take Your Dog To Work Day – Friday 23 June

June 23rd is International ‘Take Your Dog to Work Day’, when employers are asked to open their businesses to pet dogs to promote the benefits of pet ownership and encourage animal adoption. Pets provide a number of physical and mental health benefits for people. Pet...

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The emergence of Flea-bourne spotted fever in Australia

Flea-borne spotted fever (FBSF) is a rising public health concern in Australia, according to Dr Rebecca Traub, Associate Professor in Veterinary Parasitology at the University of Melbourne. Dr Traub will be speaking at the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA)...

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The cost of cuteness

The rise in popularity of certain dog breeds is causing major concerns among veterinary professionals, here and abroad. At the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) Annual Conference tomorrow, Dr Sean Wensley, senior vice president of the British Veterinary...

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What is the Queensland Dog Breeder Register?

What is the Queensland Dog Breeder Register?The Queensland Government has introduced new laws to promote the responsible breeding of dogs. These new laws will provide the tools – including a Dog Breeder Register – to help locate breeders who place profit before the...

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Things your groomer wishes you know

We hope this will give you a better understanding of what a dog groomer deals with everyday and you can look to find ways to make the grooming experience easier for the groomer as well as smoother for your dog. There are many things to learn and consider when it comes...

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Sometimes dogs need seeing-eye dogs as well. When glaucoma suddenly sent Hoshi blind in both eyes, he could never have imagined the impact a little dog called Zen would have on his life. But what thi...

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