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What is the Queensland Dog Breeder Register?

What is the Queensland Dog Breeder Register?The Queensland Government has introduced new laws to promote the responsible breeding of dogs. These new laws will provide the tools – including a Dog Breeder Register – to help locate breeders who place profit before the...

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Things your groomer wishes you know

We hope this will give you a better understanding of what a dog groomer deals with everyday and you can look to find ways to make the grooming experience easier for the groomer as well as smoother for your dog. There are many things to learn and consider when it comes...

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Digger the ANZAC War Dog bravery to be commemorated in 2017

Digger the ANZAC War Dog was a dark brown and white bulldog who accompanied his owner, Sergeant James Harold Martin, during his three and a half years with the AIF.  Digger’s remarkable service is described as how he ‘went over the top’ 16 times and had been through...

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PIAA Position Statement on Coral Bleaching

13 April 2017 The Pet Industry Association of Australia (PIAA) is concerned about the massive coral bleaching event that is currently occurring on the Great Barrier Reef and other Australian reefs. The impacts are being felt across Western Australia, Northern...

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Warning! Flat faced cats have serious health issues.

Think carefully when choosing a cat breed for the family. There is mounting evidence to show that flat faced cats have serious health issues says International Cat Care. In recent months the issue of health problems in flat faced or brachycephalic dogs has been...

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Introducing the brand-new Million Paws Walk challenge

What could make a dog happier?  More walkies of course! In the lead up to this year’s Million Paws Walk, RSPCA is issuing a challenge to the dogs (and humans) of Australia to walk a million paws in just one month. The challenge kicks off on Thursday 20 April,...

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National Kids & Pets Day – 26 April 2017

Sharing the love  Dogs benefit children in more ways than one Growing up with pets has many benefits for children. Besides the emotional and physical health benefits, companion animals share unconditional love and teach life lessons about empathy, confidence and...

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Top 5 things you don’t want to tell your vet (but should)

You forgot to give the heartworm pill…again! Life gets busy- we understand! When you come in and tell us you still have pills at home, we already know that the math doesn’t add up. We can see when you last purchased it. But, please, don’t be afraid to tell us- here is...

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Response to Greyhound Reform Panel

The NSW Government today announced significant changes to greyhound racing that will hold the industry to the highest possible standards of animal welfare. The Government will adopt all but one of the 122 recommendations of the Greyhound Industry Reform Panel,...

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Scientists develop flu vaccine for dogs

In an important discovery that could lead to improved health in our furry friends, scientists have developed two new vaccines for canine influenza. Today, veterinarians use vaccines that include inactivated or killed flu virus, but experts say they provide short-term,...

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Pets at the Pub

Australia has the third highest level of pet dog ownership in the world and, as the puppy love spreads, so has the push to include them in all aspects of life. A new event in Adelaide called Pets at the Pub has been drawing hundreds of dog owners and their pooches to...

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Sometimes dogs need seeing-eye dogs as well. When glaucoma suddenly sent Hoshi blind in both eyes, he could never have imagined the impact a little dog called Zen would have on his life. But what thi...

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