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Why does the PIAA ask its Companion Animal Breeder, Boarding & Daycare, Cattery and Retailer Selling Companion Animals members to complete a vet audit report before their membership is accepted?

The PIAA has very strict Standards & Guidelines to which our members must comply:

Would you like to know the facts about Pet Shops & Puppy Farms?

What you need to know as a tenant with pets:

Are you a Landlord with a property tenanted with pet owners:

Tasmanian Animal Welfare (Dogs) Regulations (commenced 1 January 2016)

Copy of the regulations can be accessed at


Fish Care


Keeping fish is good for your health, which is why doctors and dentists surgeries often have fish tanks in their waiting rooms. Fish tanks have always been suggested to provide a ‘calming’ effect for their owners, but finally we now have proof.

Researchers in the UK from the National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth University and the University of Exeter found that people who spend time in aquariums improve their physical and mental wellbeing. The study identified a significant difference in blood pressure and heart rate of the tested participants watching a fully stocked aquarium when compared to people watching a tank with no fish (the control). In addition, they also found that an aquarium with more fish held participants attention for longer and improved their mood compared to the tank when partially stocked with fish.


Aquarium fish make a great first pet. With some basic understanding they are easy to care for, fun to watch and offer a calming reward for their owners. Like any other pet, you must care for your fish.

The following 6 simple steps, will ensure everyone will enjoy their fish

  1. Choose the right fish
  2. Select your equipment
  3. Cycle your tank
  4. Unpack and release your fish
  5. Easy weekly and monthly maintenance
  6. Daily tasks

For more detail on each of these steps download the following care sheet on “How to set up a Child’s First Tank”.

The options for setting up aquariums are limitless from a few goldfish to a cichlid tank or even a marine tank to replicate your very own piece of the reef in your living room. Additionally, planted nano aquariums are one of the hottest trends in fish keeping right now as they are small, super stylish and ideal for homes, offices or small apartments, they provide all the fun of keeping fish or other aquatic creatures as pets, in a beautifully planted environment.



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