Service NSW can now register dogs and cats
The NSW Government is pleased to announce that Service NSW has been added to the list of registration agents to give pet owners an additional, convenient option to register their pets.  Dog and cat owners across the State can now register their pets through Service NSW, as well as at their local council, Animal Welfare League, Cat Protection Society or online at the NSW Pet Registry.

Eligible pet owners will be able to register their pets with Service NSW in person at a Service NSW centre or kiosk or online using their MyServiceNSW account, which will link customers with their NSW Pet Registry account.  Making pet registration easier supports the NSW Government’s aim of increasing the proportion of registered cats and dogs and improving companion animal management and welfare outcomes.

All registration fees go directly into the Companion Animal Fund. This will also apply to fees collected by Service NSW.

Money collected goes straight back to the community by funding companion animal services including:

  • Council pounds/shelters
  • Ranger services
  • Dog recreation areas
  • Education and awareness activities
  • Responsible pet ownership initiatives.

New and improved NSW Pet Registry
Last year the Office of Local Government made some significant updates to the NSW Pet Registry to enable a fresh look, easier navigation and great new features.

The upgraded website makes it easier to register pets, return lost animals to their owners and enables access to useful data for people thinking of buying a pet.

Here are the changes at a glance:

  1. Create/add a litter – This allows pet breeders to create a litter and add offspring, making it easier for vets and other authorised identifiers to update new animal records with microchip numbers.
  2. Lost and found – If the microchip number of a lost cat or dog is known, a member of the public can use the NSW Pet Registry to send a secure message to the pet owner with their contact details alerting them that they have found their cat or dog.
  3. Upload a pet photo – This feature enables pet owners and pet breeders to include a photo of their pet on the Pet Profile page of their Pet Registry account to help identify and return the animal should it get lost.
  4. Search function – Prospective pet owners can use a microchip, breeder identification or rehoming organisation number to access important information before they commit to buying a cat or dog. For example, if a microchip number is used, the search will show the animal’s recorded breed, age, gender and whether or not it is de-sexed.

Rehoming organisation numbers issued
You will receive an email from the NSW Pet Registry, providing a unique rehoming organisation number.

Using the rehoming organisation number in the new search function will retrieve the organisation’s name and address.

At this stage, you do not need to use these numbers or provide them to people who adopt a pet from you. However, under amendments to the Companion Animals Act 1998 and a new Companion Animals Regulation 2018 earlier this year, anyone selling or giving away a cat or dog will soon be required to include a breeder identification number, microchip number or rehoming organisation number in any advertisement.  So, you may choose to start using an identifying number now, ahead of it becoming mandatory on 1 July 2019.

Further details on the changes to Companion Animals legislation
On 31 August 2018 some amendments to the Companion Animals Act 1998 and new Companion Animals Regulation 2018 commenced. These changes implement the Government’s response to the Joint Select Committee on Companion Animal Breeding Practices in NSW and a recent statutory review of the Companion Animals Regulation 2008.

Key changes that affect your organisation include:
Under the Companion Animals Act your organisation has now been transitioned to the new ‘rehoming organisation’. No further action is necessary.

Extended access to half-price registration fees
As part of our shared aim of increasing de-sexing rates and reducing the burden on rehoming organisations, we are now offering registration discounts for de-sexed dogs and cats bought from eligible organisations.

As of 31 August 2018, changes to the Regulation extended the 50% discount for de-sexed animals purchased from pounds and shelters to also include rehoming organisations (i.e. former clause 16(d) organisations).

These organisations have been advised to provide evidence of this purchase to the new owners to enable them to claim the discounted registration fee. Evidence of this purchase may include a sales receipt or letter on the organisation’s letterhead and needs to include the cat or dog’s microchip number.

Councils are required to flag the animal as having been sold by an eligible rehoming organisation on the Companion Animals Register.

Please find below a factsheet promoting lifetime registration and encouraging pet owners to create a profile on the NSW Pet Registry. We would appreciate your support to share this information through your networks. A table is also attached to explain changes to pet registration system functionality.

For further information about any of these changes contact the NSW Pet Registry team by phoning 1300 134 460 or emailing


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