Every successful organisation understands the importance of focused training to improve the team’s performance.

One of the PIAA’s constitutional drivers is to Develop/promote quality standards, educational packages for our members. A key initiative within our strategy of 2020, was the PIAA’s board
commissioning of a comprehensive review of training needs and educational support for our members and the Pet Industry. What we found over our 6-month review. A disjointed confusing educational offering, largely
outdated, requiring significant review and updating. Our developing channels lacked base understanding, hence little to no formal educational options are available or relevant. All underpinned by a maze of complexity and bureaucracy. Significant Government funding is available to support certified education across Australia, the challenge is navigating the Federal and State government bodies and their agencies to unlock funding, focus and support. Not withstanding the administrative requirements and measures required to monitor completion and funding.

Our Goal
Identify a partner who could assist the PIAA in developing a training solution that enables our members to have access to funding for certified training. Creating a genuine career path based on relevant qualifications
designed for the needs of the Pet Industry. The PIAA’s goal is to provide a training pathway for our members to drive a higher minimum standard, help support and improve retention rates, enhancing a customer centric and learning culture within our industry.

This would have the purpose of:

  • Increasing the skill level of the industry
  • Increased knowledge of member teams so they can have qualified conversations with pet owners
  • Providing a course that PIAA members promote to their teams, allowing them to become accredited professionals
  • PIAA supporting a new educational benchmark in the pet industry

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