The Pet Industry Association of Australia (PIAA)

The Pet Industry Association is the only industry association in Australia created to represent all businesses in the pet industry.

Formed in 1979 as the PIJAC, we have evolved into a peak organization which aims to create an environment of best practice principles and ongoing learning for improved technology and systems in the pet industry.

The Pet Industry Association is run by members for its members and offers a voice for all who join by liaising with governments, animal welfare agencies, as well as pet and animal groups nationally and internationally.

We are represented on government steering committees, consultation and advisory groups on pet ownership and industry issues around Australia.

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  • Pet Industry Association supports stricter regulations for ...

    Posted: Friday, 20 February 2015

    The Pet Industry Association of Australia (PIAA) highlights their ‘Dogs Lifetime Guarantee Policy On Traceability and Re-Homing' in response to the Victorian Go...

  • Fish importation

    Posted: Friday, 13 February 2015

    The Pet Industry Association of Australia (PIAA) is delighted to announce that today the Department of Agriculture has decided to delay the implementation of th...

  • Ipswich Parvovirus

    Posted: Tuesday, 3 February 2015

    IPSWICH vets are warning dog owners to ensure their pets are vaccinated after reporting an outbreak of the deadly Parvovirus in the city.

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