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The Pet Industry Association is the only industry association in Australia created to represent all businesses in the pet industry. Formed in 1979 as the PIJAC, we have evolved into a peak organisation which aims to create an environment of best practice principles and ongoing learning for improved technology and systems in the pet industry. The Pet Industry Association is run by members for its members and offers a voice for all who join by liaising with governments, animal welfare agencies, as well as pet and animal groups nationally and internationally. We are represented on government steering committees, consultation and advisory groups on pet ownership and industry issues around Australia.

To promote, support and represent a sustainable pet industry because we recognise that pets and their welfare are essential for a healthy society.

This ensures our members thrive and our Association continues to represent the majority of the industry.

The PIAA National Code of Practice and Code of Ethics are quality standards for the operation of businesses in the pet industry supply chain. The Code sets standards that exceed current regulatory requirements. Compliance with the code is a mandatory requirement for membership of the PIAA. An Ethics and Complaints Committee adjudicates any complaints against activity deemed in contravention of the code.
PIAA is a member of the Australian Companion Animal Council and is represented on and works with Aquatic committees nationally, including OFMJG and the NSW Ornamental Fish Reference Group, Animal Welfare Advisory Committees in QLD, NSW, NT and the ACT, the Domestic Animal Management Implementation Committee in Victoria and the Dog & Cat Management Board in South Australia. We’ve also worked closely with the governments in QLD, NSW and SA on pet shop codes of practice. PIAA also holds a seat on the NSW Government’s Companion Animals Taskforce.

Latest news

Peak pet industry body rejects VIC Minister’s dog breeding proposal

Media Release


PIAA’s key mandate is animal welfare and accordingly welcomes a review on breeding standards, especially for dogs but is highly concerned with the severe approach taken in Victoria.
The Victorian Minister for Agriculture this week introduced a proposal supporting the following changes
• Limiting the maximum number of female breeding dogs in domestic facilities to ten
• Banning sale of puppies in pet stores unless sourced from an animal shelter

PIAA believes this is not based on facts and will not in the long run improve animal welfare.

To date enforcement of relevant codes has not taken place and this is largely responsible for the problems the industry is now experiencing.

Best practice can happen in large or small breeding operations alike. Limiting the amount of dogs is not going to improve animal welfare.

Lack of supply and a high demand will have a number of its own adverse consequences including:
• Increasing the cost of buying a puppy
• Pushing the trade of dog’s underground, attracting rogue operators and a criminal fringe to trade in puppies as has happened in Europe
• Small backyard amateur breeding will be rife with no way to police the welfare standards of these countless micro breeders who will pop up to meet the supply
• Increase in the purchase of puppies from interstate (in particular NSW) as Victoria will not be able to keep up with demand - this type of cross border trade will happen online with no effective scrutiny.

The banning of puppy sales in pet stores will also encourage increased online trading, leading to even poorer welfare conditions. This will remove the only transparent part of the industry, leading to an increase in online sales which cannot be monitored or controlled, let alone regulated.

The changes will not reduce dogs in shelters.

Shelter pets are not suitable for every household, just as pure breeds (with particular genetic traits) are also not suitable for every household. Consumers need a range of options so that pet owners can access a pet that suits their lifestyle and household.

We agree that effective strategies need to be investigated to reduce the number of healthy dogs being euthanised in shelters BUT limiting the choice of Victorians to what they can buy at a pet shop is not the way to do this.

The cost increases in purchasing a puppy will eventually impact the rate of dog ownership. The health impacts of having dogs in a person’s life is huge. Stress levels are reduced, activity increased,
and overall there are fewer visits to the doctor and reduced hospital stays.

PIAA is pushing for an Upper House committee enquiry so that the unintended consequences of this misguided proposal can be examined and acted upon in an ethical and evidence based manner.
—–ENDS —–

Pet Industry Association Australia Ltd.
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Peak pet industry body disappointed at Premier’s reversal on NSW Greyhound racing ban

Media release


PIAA supported the animal welfare aspects of the recent ban on greyhound racing in NSW. The industry has a long history of mistreatment and welfare abuse. Admittedly, not all in the industry are guilty, but a culture of mass killings, turning a blind eye and live baiting should not be tolerated for any reason.
Premier Mike Baird’s reversal of his decision to shut down the industry is a black day for animal welfare

There is talk of less tracks, fewer events, stronger regulation, tougher consequences and a closer eye on the industry.
Unfortunately, as we have seen with puppy mills and puppy factories, unless there is a true commitment to enforcement, then none of this matters. The unscrupulous continue to profit, the animals continue to suffer and the money keeps rolling in.
“Sugar coat the new rules and regulations all you want, but unless there is a clear and dedicated plan to educate, implement and enforce, it is all a spit in the ocean.” said PIAA CEO Mark Fraser. “Animal welfare is the focus here, not votes, not money, not popularity”.
—–ENDS —–

Pet Industry Association Australia Ltd.
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